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Inspired Moments.

From her home studio in the River Axe Valley, Devon, Anne Townsend designs and makes unique Figurative and Animal Sculpture and Paints in a variety of mediums and styles. 

"My life is essentially a creative journey. As far back as I can remember I have made 'things' and painting has been a passion throughout. I have an innate curiosity to try new things artistically and this is liberating-there are no boundaries. So for me, to start working with clay 3 years ago is indicative of my artistic journey. 

It is usually colour that intrigues me, but a shape, a form or a perceived challenge to capture and interpret that which was first visualised which inspires my work- inspired moments ".

Anne's artwork is available in select galleries and venues in the South West and at Broomgate studio. Here at the Studio, Anne's husband Kevin provides a bespoke framing service from Anne`s work and for other artists.