Figurative and AnimalSculpture

Each piece is individually hand crafted using clay resin which has been moulded, pierced and sculpted onto an armature (a hand made mould) and using leaves from the garden , twigs, dried poppy heads, cake decorating tools and other interesting textures, Anne creates unique designs. Clay is added or removed until the piece begins to take its own form and shape. It is slowly dried and adjustments made before being painted using a variety of mediums resulting in a unique piece of art.

"I have completed numerous commissions where samples of carpet, curtaining, paint charts or photos of a room and preferred colours have been provided to help create the exact bespoke piece".  

The Female Figures have proven very desirable and are available as a Freestanding Full Figure or a Half Figure which can be wall mounted or freestanding.  


Full Size Whippet